Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor

Help me with my debt situation

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2.   His insider's knowledge of how creditors and bill   

      collectors attempt to recover unpaid accounts

Eight reasons to hire lawyer Mark Silverthorn to assist you with your debt situation


4.   A problem-solver with a diverse background in government,

      public relations, research and writing as well as the law

7.   Author of a popular book on consumer debt published by

      McClelland & Stewart

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    Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor, PC

    196 Forest Hill Drive

    Kitchener, ON  N2M 4G3

    Phone:  (519) 987-3270

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3.   Comprehensive knowledge of debt relief options

      available to consumers struggling with debt

Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor, Pc

Legal ADVICE and Legal Services FOR cANADIANS Struggling With Debt

Consumer lawyer Mark Silverthorn is the author of a popular book titled The Wolf At The Door: What To Do When Collection Agencies Come Calling (2010), published by McClelland & Stewart.

5.  He has personally negotiated hundreds of favourable

     one-time lump sum settlements

6.   Routinely consulted by the media on issues involving bill

      collectors and consumer debt