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An example will help illustrate this point.  A few years ago Mark Silverthorn was hired by an Ontario resident who owed $35,000 to a financial institution.  This individual was receiving collection calls from a collection agency that was threatening to sue for $35,000.

Mark Silverthorn called senior management at the collection agency and offered to settle the account for $5,000 which drew laughter.  Subsequently Mark Silverthorn received a phone call from a national news organization researching a story on bill collectors.  Mark gave his client the contact information for the producer of this television program. Subsequently, Mark's client appeared on national television to complain about the conduct of the collection agency. Subsequently, the creditor settled this account for $5,000 despite the fact that the client owed $35,000 to the creditor.

Lawyer Mark Silverthorn is able to draw upon a diverse background when he represents a consumer struggling with debt. More specifically, from time to time he has been able to draw upon the following experience to assist a client owing monies to creditors:

Mark Silverthorn:  A multi-faceted problem-solver