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Creditors are often willing to accept a one-time lump sum payment from a consumer--for significantly less than the current outstanding balance--as settlement in full.

A consumer who would like to take advantage of a discounted lump sum settlement will typically have to negotiate a settlement with a creditor, or the creditor's authorized collection agent.

Canadian consumers struggling with debt often conduct these negotiations on their own.  These consumers, unfortunately, who lack experience negotiating lump sum settlements, are at a distinct disadvantage negotiating settlements. Mark Silverthorn is able to provide these consumers with valuable advice when it comes to negotiating settlements.

Different scenarios where debt settlement opportunities are available

There are  several different scenarios where a consumer might be able to take advantage of a negotiated settlement in connection with one or more of their unsecured consumer accounts:

  • credit cards
  • utilities including telephone, internet, and cable           television service providers
  • bank overdrafts
  • personal loans
  • lines of credit
  • A consumer is currently making payments on an account

  • A consumer has not paid an account for no more than six         months
  • A consumer has not paid an account for more than six               months

  • A creditor has sued a consumer over an unpaid account

  • A creditor has obtained a judgment against a consumer

  • A creditor has obtained a judgment against a consumer              and is garnishing a consumer's wages

Canadian consumers often find themselves in a situation where they are having difficulties making their payments on unsecured consumer debts:



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