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  • creditor is making demands for payment
  • recently been sued
  • had a judgment obtained  against them
  • had their wages garnisheed
  • a lien placed on real property

Lawyers have a professional obligation to be zealous advocates on behalf of their clients. Whenever Mark Silverthorn personally negotiated a settlement on behalf of a client he took pride in trying to obtain the best possible result on behalf of a client.

When Mark Silverthorn negotiated a settlement on behalf of a client he was able to draw upon his 12-year experience working as a collection lawyer and collection industry insider. Furthermore, he was also able to draw upon his experience personally negotiating hundreds of settlements. 

Are you finding it difficult to make the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards?

If you are facing major challenges making the minimum monthly problems on your credit cards--then depending upon your particular financial circumstances--you might want to consider speaking to lawyer Mark Silverthorn to canvass the merits of attempting to reduce your current indebtedness by way of negotiated settlements.

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Mark Silverthorn is available to speak to consumers to discuss the merits of eliminating their debt by way of a favourable discounted lump sum payment for significantly less than the current outstanding balance.

Lawyer Mark Silverthorn has personally negotiated hundreds of one-time lump sum settlement on behalf of consumers. These clients lived across the country.  In some instances Mark's debt settlement clients lived outside Canada and owed monies to Canadian-based creditors.

Almost never too late to negotiate a settlement

Mark Silverthorn also has considerable experience negotiating settlements on behalf of indebted Canadians who found themselves in the following situation:

Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor

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