Mark Silverthorn has had the opportunity to speak on the phone providing helpful advice to hundreds of Canadians across the country.

2.   How to structure your financial affairs so that a creditor

      cannot recover any monies from you

7.   How a consumer can deal with the following:

6.   Suing an unprofessional bill collector

3.   How a consumer can negotiate a settlement with a

      creditor or a creditor's representative

  • being sued
  • where a creditor has a default judgment against them
  • where a consumer's wages are being garnisheed

Debt-related legal advice

Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor

Help me with my debt situation

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Lawyer Mark Silverthorn can provide legal advice to the residents of every Canadian province and territory--excluding Quebec--concerning the following:

4.  How you--or your legal representative--can stop collection calls

5.  Conduct by bill collectors which is illegal and a consumer's

     legal remedies for such behavior

1.   How you can take advantage of a limitation period to

      avoid paying an unsecured consumer debt


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