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If you are an Ontario resident and you have been recently sued over an unpaid account then you might want to hire our law firm to represent you.

This representation might involve filing a defence on your behalf with the court.  It might also involve attempting to negotiate a favourable settlement on your behalf.



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Mark Silverthorn has represented many Ontario consumers who have been sued over an unpaid account.

In 2018 Canaccede Credit LP, an affiliate of Canaccede Financial Group, one of Canada's largest debt buyers sued my client for $43,000.  I brought a successful pre-trial motion which resulted in these two lawsuits being dismissed.

In June of 2019 the judge ruled in my client's favour on two grounds.  Firstly, the debt buyer was not registered as a collection agency under Ontario law and therefore it was not entitled to sue my client in court.  Secondly, Canaccede did not produce sufficient evidence to prove that the original creditor had sold all of its interest at the time of the purported sale of the debt.

This lawsuit has generated a significant amount of attention and it was profiled in the Law Times, a newspaper for Ontario's legal community.

Consumer lawyer Mark Silverthorn successfully defended a consumer sued for $43,000 by Canadian debt buyer Canaccede

Defending a consumer sued over unpaid account