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You can hire our law firm to draft a Defence on your behalf

It is possible for a consumer to hire our law firm for the sole purpose of drafting a defence on your behalf--on a limited retainer basis.  We can also provide you with detailed instructions with respect to how to serve and file this defence.

If you hire our law firm to draft a defence on your behalf then you will put yourself in a position to prevent your creditor from obtaining a default judgment against you.

Ontario residents who are sued by creditors in Ontario Small Claims Court will be served with a document titled Plaintiff's Claim.  This is a photograph of the first page of a blank Plaintiff's Claim.

Drafting your Defence

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Creditors who sue an Ontario resident in the Ontario Superior Court commence a lawsuit with a document known as a Statement of Claim.  The photograph which appears above is the front page of generic Statement of Claim.

Once your creditor obtains a default judgment against you then it is in a position to enforce its judgment against you.  This means that it could begin garnishment of your wages, seizing monies in your bank account or placing a lien on real property on which your name is on title.

In the past few days you might have been served with what appears to be a court document commencing a lawsuit against you.

In Ontario a Plaintiff's Claim is a document that commences a lawsuit against a defendant in the province's Small Claims Court.  In contrast, a Statement of Claim is a document that commences a lawsuit against a consumer in Ontario Superior Court.

If you have been served with either a Plaintiff's Claim or a Statement of Claim then your creditor will obtain a default judgment against you unless you serve and file a suitable defence.