Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor

Help me with my debt situation

Senior editor of a popular insolvency website

In the past few years Mark Silverthorn wrote 60,000 words worth of content for a popular insolvency website called Bankruptcy Canada (

Hundreds of hours spent researching book titled The Wolf At The Door

When researching The Wolf At the Door Mark Silverthorn spent hundreds of hours researching the various debt relief options available to Canadian consumers.

Personally negotiated hundreds of one-time lump sum settlements on behalf of clients

Lawyer Mark Silverthorn has a wealth of experience gained from personally negotiating hundreds of one-time lump sum settlements on behalf of clients.

Mark Silverthorn:  Insider's knowledge of debt relief options

Based upon his unique background and experience lawyer Mark Silverthorn has an insider's knowledge of debt relief options available to consumers.

Mark Silverthorn has spent hundreds of hours studying the various debt relief options that might be available to a consumer in a particular situation.  These include the following:

  • doing nothing
  • restructuring one's finances to make oneself judgment proof
  • taking advantage of the passage of time and a limitation period
  • debt consolidation loan
  • credit counselling
  • settling your debt by way of a one-time lump sum settlement
  • consumer proposal
  • personal bankruptcy
  • moving to another jurisdiction

Commentator on debt collection and debt relief industry

Mark Silverthorn has written several articles on the debt collection industry and debt relief industry which have appeared in publications such as Canadian Lawyer magazine and the Law Times, a weekly newspaper for Ontario lawyers.

Mark Silverthorn has also written numerous posts on those industries in several blogs as well as on LinkedIn.

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12 years working as a collection lawyer

Lawyer Mark Silverthorn spent 12 years--between 1994 and 2006-- working as a collection lawyer for four of the largest collection agencies operating in Canada.



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