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No legal advice provided during initial phone call

No legal advice will be provided during this initial telephone call.

Step One:  Initial phone call

During an initial telephone conversation with Mark Silverthorn you will be informed whether or not our firm can represent you.  There is no charge for this initial phone call.  No legal advice will be provided during this initial phone call.


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Becoming a client of our firm involves three steps.

If you are interested in hiring lawyer Mark Silverthorn then the first step is to call Mark Silverthorn.  During this initial phone call you can summarize the problem that you are facing.  Mark Silverthorn will provide a free 10-minute telephone consultation.

After obtaining some initial information from you Mark Silverthorn can determine whether or not his law firm is in a position to be able to represent you or provide you with legal advice.

Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor