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Signing a Client Retainer Agreement

An individual who wishes to become a client of our firm will receive a Retainer Agreement electronically.

in order to become a client of our firm an individual--in addition to providing our firm with a signed Retainer Agreement--must also submit to our firm a completed Client Information Form which provides detailed contact information.

Step Two:   Signing a Retainer 


  • first name and last name
  • home address and telephone number
  • business address and telephone number (if applicable)



    Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor, PC
    61-635 Saginaw Parkway
    Cambridge, ON  N1T 0C1

    Toll Free Phone:  1 (866) 996-9941
    Fax:   (866) 811-8900

After your initial phone call with Mark Silverthorn he can advise you whether or not he is in a position to provide you with legal services.  Furthermore, you will have a better idea as to whether or not you would like to hire lawyer Mark Silverthorn.

If he is prepared to provide you with legal services--and you express an interest in hiring our firm--Mark Silverthorn can provide you with a Retainer Agreementas well as a Client Information Form.  In most instances, these documents would be sent to a potential client via e-mail.  

The Retainer Agreement summarizes not only the services to be provided by our firm but also our firm's fees.  Our firm's retainer is a specific amount of money that you will be asked to provide to our firm prior to our firm commencing to provide legal advice and/or legal services on your behalf.

These retainer monies will be held in trust on your behalf until such time that professional services have been provided to you after which our firm can invoice you.  The retainer monies our firm holds in trust on your behalf are available to pay our firm's invoice(s) for professional services.