When can a cease and desist letter be sent to a bill collector to stop collection calls?

Whether or not a consumer can stop collection calls with respect to a specific account will depend upon the following:

  • whether or not the account is owed to a federally-regulated             bank or credit card company

  • the province in which a consumer lives

  • whether the collection calls are being made by an original                creditor, a collection agency, a law firm, or a debt buyer

Mark Silverthorn has spoken to hundreds of consumers who are very upset by what they would describe as rude and unprofessional behavior by collectors calling them demanding payment of an unpaid account.

  • stopping collection calls
  • avoiding collection calls
  • discouraging collection calls

Stopping collection calls


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Lawyer Mark Silverthorn can assist a consumer who is concerned about collection calls in terms of stopping, avoiding, and discouraging collection calls.

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Consumers who are distraught about collection calls can take advantage of three separate strategies:

Help me with my debt situation

Help with dealing with an unpaid account

Consumers who hire lawyer Mark Silverthorn to deal with collection calls often want his firm to also assist with addressing one or more unpaid accounts.

Mark Silverthorn, Barrister & Solicitor

Important advice for consumers distraught over collection calls

Lawyer Mark Silverthorn has a wealth of relevant experience to offer to consumers who are upset about collection calls.  He can draw upon his 12 year stint--between 1994 and 2006--representing collection agencies.  He can also draw upon his wealth of knowledge sending out cease and desist letters on behalf of hundreds of clients.

Mark Silverthorn has helped stop collection calls to hundreds of consumers living across the country.

In some instances consumers have hired lawyer Mark Silverthorn to send a cease and desist letter on his or her behalf.

In other instances Mark Silverthorn has provided consumers with legal advice as to how a consumer might be able to send a cease and desist letter on their own to stop a bill collector from calling them.